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PasswordPump Joystick Model is Now Available!

The newest version of the PasswordPump sports a joystick instead of a rotary encoder! A new case is also available. This makes it a little easier to carry the PasswordPump around in your pocket. If you're interested in purchasing a PasswordPump Joystick model with a case you can get 20% off by using the promo code PUMPITUP on Tindie.

There is now a Windows installation kit available here for the PasswordPumpGUI, the program that you use to edit credentials on the PasswordPump when it's connected to your computer. It's no longer necessary to install Python to use the PasswordPumpGUI client.

The rotary encoder PasswordPump is still available as well.

More News

PasswordPump Joystick w/o Case

The PasswordPump Joystick model, available here, can be purchased fully assembled or as a kit.

Everything you need to create your own PasswordPump, including the PCB design files, are included on this site and on GitHub.

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