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This is the PasswordPump, described above, but unassembled.  To assemble this product you'll need a soldering iron with a fine tip, a breadboard (to solder the male headers onto the Arduino Pro Micro), some solder, and some soldering experience.  It should take about an hour to assemble and solder all of the pieces onto the board.  The ATmega32u4 comes pre-flashed with the programming for the PasswordPump, and the lock bits are set (this does not prevent you from being able to re-flash the program).  All credentials stored on the external EEprom chips (25LC256) are encrypted.  Assembly instructions are in the blog entry for the PasswordPump on this site.

PasswordPump - un-assembled

  • I am currently out of stock on the 25LC256 EEprom chips, so I cannot resume shipping this item until I receive these chips.  I expect to receive them in about a week, 3/27/2019.

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